Your path or driveway is one of the first things visitors to your home notice.

Cleaning and restoring your driveway can be a daunting task for most. So instead of resorting to vanquish the moss, weeds and dirt yourself, why not call in DriveJet Deep cleaning using our special flat surface rotary cleaning attachment

  • Re-sanding using fresh kiln dried sand
  • We jet clean any paved patio such as block paving, crazy paving, concrete, sandstone slabs, tarmac, pattern imprinted concrete or decked areas.
  • The pressure of our jet cleaning equipment means that only cold water is required to clean these surfaces without the need for chemicals.
  • The rotary cleaner we use operates at 3000psi which is nearly 3x that of most domestic pressure washers and provides a very even finish after cleaning.
  • Our sealants will protect the paving from the future growth of weeds, moss, algae and prevent water penetration.
  • Depending on your requirements our specially selected sealants can also enhance and restore the colour of your paving.

Cleaning and protecting your decking:

Decked areas have a tendency to look dirty unless they are looked after with regular cleaning and maintenance. Surface growth such as algae of moss can make the decking very slippery and sometimes dangerous to walk on when wet. Our jet cleaning equipment will clean the wood and not leave the streaky marks which many domestic pressure washers leave. We will then seal the wood for a lasting protection from the weather conditions. We recommend that your decking is jet cleaned every year, particularly for properties where health and safety could be a major consideration.